The Team

The 2015 National Champions

Members (L to R): Dr. Ferraro, Eugene Cho, Christine Pu, Shelby Brothers, Ryan Sullivan, Andrew Jenkins, 
Justin Rayl (Captain), Kyle Willems, Juliana Rochester (Captain), Matt Davis, Mark Eason, Marlo Chumioque
Not Pictured: Will Bowman, Eric Johnson, Molly Behan, Rita Kalo

2015 National Assembly Team

L to R: Kyle Willems, Justin Rayl, Andrew Jenkins
Weldin' Will Bowman

Will Bowman collecting 1st Place in Lightness

Past Teams

The 2014 Steel Bridge Team  

The 2013 Steel Bridge Team 

The 2013 UF Steel Bridge Team.  Members are (L to R): Jose Ramos, Jonathan Daguilh, Andrew De Alba, Ariel Farias, Sean Egan, Joe Allen, Juliana Rochester, Shelby Brothers (Captain), Dr. Ferraro, Marlo Chumioque (Captain), Yamai Yi, Daniel Chaviano, and Sonya Kaliz

The 2012 Steel Bridge Captains

The 2012 Steel Bridge Captains: (L to R) Tyler Endicott, Max McGahan.

The 2011 Steel Bridge Team

The 2011 UF Steel Bridge Team.  Members are (L to R): Ashlie Kerr (Co-Captain), Corbin Robeck, Jillian Berrey, John Agamie, Ryan Catarelli, Marcelino Aguirre Jr., Carlos Dillon, Alex Esposito (Captain), Benjamin Ashcraft, Borhan Jaberi, Tyler Endicott, Ravindra Ramgulam, Alex Randell, Max McGahan. 

The 2010 Steel Bridge Team


The University of Florida Steel Bridge Team has one of the best records in the nation.  Top 10 finishes have been achieved fifteen times since the inception of the national competition, including a National Title in 1997 and 2015. 

 National Winner UF's Regional Placement UF's National Placement
2015University of Florida  1st1st
2014 Univ. of California, Davis1st4th
Univ. of California, Berkeley 6thDQ
2012Univ. of California, Berkeley 2nd12th
2011Lakehead University 1stDQ 
2010North Dakota State Univ. 2nd8th
2009SUNY CantonDQDQ
2008Univ. of California, Berkeley2nd2nd
2007North Dakota State Univ.1st 12th
2006North Dakota State Univ.5th DQ
2005Univ. of California, Davis 2nd
2004North Dakota State Univ. DQ
2003Univ. of Michigan 1st 3rd
2002North Dakota State Univ. 13th
2001Clemson Univ. 2nd 
2000California State University, Chico 4th 
1999University of Nevada, Reno 6th
1998University of Southern Louisiana1st 5th
1997University of Florida  1st
1996Univ. of Alaska, Anchorage DQ
1995North Dakota State Univ.2nd 2nd 
1994Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 4th
1993Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks 4th 
1992Michigan State Univ.2nd 7th 

The Legacy